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Has there ever been a time when the hair, beauty and aesthetics industry have been more prominent in our society than right now? Hairdressers, beauty salons and nail bars, spas and aesthetic clinics as well as tattoo clinics are prevalent on our high streets today. If you are the owner of any such business, you will fully understand the importance of hygiene and cleaning within your working day. 
A salon’s reputation can be made or broken on first appearances and a clean, aromatic and welcoming reception area will enhance the customer’s experience. 
A client will spend time relaxing within your salon and it’s crucial that the area is always spotlessly clean and sanitised. Such standards are necessary not only from a visual point of view but more crucially from a hygiene stance. 
By the very nature of the work that is carried out in salons, it is essential for the client’s health and well-being that exceptional standards of cleanliness and hygiene are always upheld. 
Here at Call First Cleaning Supplies, we offer all the products and equipment you will need to maintain the ultimate professional standards of hygiene; including paper products such as toilet rolls, blue centrefeed rolls and couch rolls, hand soaps and hand gels, degreasers for cleaning those stubborn wax pots, window cloths and glass cleaners to keep those mirrors sparkling, gloves, cloths and vacuums plus disinfectants and sanitisers that offer a Log 5 level of disinfection. Below we outline the importance of understanding the power of your disinfectant. In this industry it’s imperative to provide the highest possible level of disinfection. Unfortunately, your high-street cleaners that kill 99.9% of all germs just don’t measure up. 
A Log 5 disinfectant will leave only 10 remaining bacteria per million as opposed to a Log 3 – your usual high street go-to – which will leave 1000 remaining bacteria per million. This clearly demonstrates the importance of using the correct product for the job. 
As a salon owner you can convey this information to your clients, thus instilling in them an unwavering confidence in your hyenine practices and ,thus, professional ethics. Try introducing some facts about your cleaning practices to your social media content and see how positively your clientele will react. Cleaning is an area of practice that is rarely spoken about until it goes wrong, then suddenly it becomes your customer’s focus. So let us guide you into making the correct product choices for your establishment and see how this area of your business will shine. 
Be known for being the best salon around but also the cleanest. 
With a diverse range of products and cleaning equipment, we will provide you will all the tools you need to guarantee a sterile and safe working environment for both your clients and your staff. 
So, whether you are a hairdresser, beauty therapist, nail technician, aesthetician or a tattooist make Call First Cleaning Supplies your supplier of hygiene products. Call us today on 0121 243 9043 or email info@callfirstcleaning.com to discuss your cleaning requirements. Whether large or small, we are here to help make your business a cleaner, safer and happier place for all. 
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