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Cleaning Supplies for Dental Practice
Here, at Call First Cleaning Supplies, we offer you all the cleaning products and equipment that you need to maintain the stringent health and safety standards that are required in a healthcare setting. Whether you run a nursing home, residential care facility, dental surgery, GP surgery, opticians, physiotherapy clinic or a holistic clinic, Call First Cleaning Supplies have all your cleaning needs covered. Let us remove any worries by providing you with high quality yet cost-effective professional cleaning products to suit your specific environment. 
In such settings, optimal hygiene standards are of paramount importance, every single day. You cannot ever afford to allow these standards to slip. Where a client or patient’s health and welfare is concerned there can be no shortcuts. With regular Health and Safety inspections or, where applicable, CQC inspections, the cleanliness of your facility is of utmost priority. We can help you achieve consistent, professional results. 
In nursing and care homes there are a myriad of considerations regarding hygiene. We offer you the products that will meet these requirements, from paper products such as toilet rolls, blue centrefeed roll, hand towels etc, to anti-bacterial soaps and hand care products, viricidal cleaners and disinfectants to carpet cleaning and deodorising. Below we outline the importance of understanding the power of your disinfectant. In such settings it is imperative to provide the highest levels of disinfection possible. Unfortunately, your high-street cleaner that kills 99.9% of all germs just don’t measure up. 
a Log 5 disinfectant will leave only 10 remaining bacteria per million as opposed to a Log 3 – your usual high street go-to – which will leave 1000 remaining bacteria per million. This clearly demonstrates the importance of using the correct product for the job. Our products offer this so you can relax knowing that you are using a product that delivers this kind of cleaning power. 
Are you struggling to clean your business with standard, domestic vacuums etc? We offer premium quality cleaning equipment including high-power vacuums, mops, buckets, buffing equipment for floor care and carpet cleaning equipment to keep your floor coverings fresh and sanitised. All equipment is colour-coded to industry standards to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination. By using professional grade chemicals and equipment in your business, the results will be immediately apparent to you and your clientele. 
A fresh and clean-smelling atmosphere can be challenging to maintain in some healthcare settings so only professional standard products should be used. Call First Cleaning Supplies can provide you with a wide range of effective and aromatic deodorising solutions for all eventualities. We have carpet deodorisers and fresheners, odour neutralisers and air fresheners and deodorisers especially formulated for use in healthcare settings to clean and freshen equipment, sluices, drains etc. 
Let your healthcare setting be known not only for your outstanding care but additionally for its unrivalled standards of cleanliness. Let Call First Cleaning Supplies enable you to become a leading light within your industry. 
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