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Never before has cleaning been more important in the leisure and hospitality industry than right now. 
With this sector being heavily impacted by Covid and the public’s awareness of hygiene issues at an all-time high, our need to run a scrupulously clean establishment is paramount. 
The leisure industry is vast and encompasses businesses from pubs, clubs, restaurants and take-aways to spas, leisure centres, gyms, guest houses, bed and breakfasts and hotels, both small and large. 
Within these facilities lie multi-dimensional cleaning needs. A small take-away won’t need the same cleaning products as a hotel with 100 bedrooms, an onsite spa and swimming pool. Here at Call First Cleaning Supplies, we have the relevant products for any such establishment’s needs, regardless of size, all at a competitive price. 
While we are talking about price…….after the devastating blow served by Covid to the Hospitality and Leisure sector, price really has got to be a major factor in the purchase of any cleaning consumables and equipment. Quality products that deliver outstanding results at an affordable price is the key factor in value. Cheap products that do not clean to a satisfactory and safe level are not a bargain for any venue. Call First Cleaning Supplies offers the correct product for every eventuality. 
Our range covers de-greasers for kitchen cleans, floor cleaners, maintainers and polishes for wooden floors, lino, tiled floors and many other coverings, sanitisers for front of house and food safe sanitisers and ranges for use in kitchen and prep areas. We also supply a range of paper products and dispensers for use in toilets , washrooms and kitchens. Specialist products including beer pipeline cleaners, glass wash detergents, rinse aids, glass renovators are all included in our range. Also refuse sacks in bulk for industrial use and every cloth you could possibly imagine, all colour-coded to comply with industry standards. We even stock products to keep your swimming pool clean and hygienic. 
Exceptional toilet and washroom cleaning is key to a safe and hygienic environment. Remember those Trip Advisor reviews!!! They can make or break a venue, and clean toilets REALLY do matter to the general public. We have an extensive range of toilet and washroom cleaning products. 
Buying cleaning equipment that is built to last is another route to overall long-term savings. Cheap, shoddy equipment breaks easily, and simply will not clean effectively. Our range of quality, affordable mopping systems, vacuums and all floor care accessories will provide your venue with a long-lasting solution. 
The Environmental Health Agency will expect your venue to be using a sanitising product that complies with BS EN1276. We have a range of products that meet these criteria perfectly. Most hospitality sites are continuing with the use of hand gel sanitising stations and we see this as something that will be carried forward indefinitely. These products are all available online and in store, in various sizes. 
For more specialised cleaning within the industry, such as swimming pool cleaning and maintenance, spa or sauna cleaning, beer line cleaning for bars and dishwashing needs for kitchens, look no further, we have them all covered here at Call First Cleaning Supplies. 
Just call us today on 0121 243 9043 or email info@callfirstcleaning.com to discuss your cleaning requirements. Whether large or small, we are here to help make your venue a cleaner, safer and happier place for all. Providing your cleaning supplies and based in Birmingham with nationwide coverage. 

Essential cleaning products for running your bar.

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